When it comes to feeding our beautiful birds, we can often find other critters and bugs joining along in the feast. From squirrels and chipmunks to bees and flies, at Barndoor AG, we can help you with your pesky pest problems. Give your feeders back to the birds with our bird accessories! 

Find a seamless squirrel stopper deluxe which features both feeders and plant hangers able to be hung. With our chosen pole assembly, giving four arms to support four different kinds of bird feeders, you can also enjoy hanging bird baths or flower baskets as well! Our inverted cone-shaped stopper is spring-loaded and squirrel-proof! 

You can also find exceptional bee guards, to keep your feeders bee-free. Hummingbird feeders are especially prone to feeding both the birds and the bees. However, by utilizing these easy-to-use bee guards, you can keep your hummingbird feeder from being bothered by bees. Let your birds feed freely and try our package of bee guards! 

Whether you’re looking to stop the squirrels or free up your feeders again, our bird accessories can help! We offer top-quality and innovative solutions to help you feed your birds, stress-free. If you're looking for exceptional bird feeding accessories, shop with Barndoor AG