Ag Leader GPS 6000 System | 4100980

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Ag Leader GPS 6000 System | 4100980

Ag Leader GPS receiver systems offer accuracy, repeatability and range and serve as a complement to the built-in guidance capabilities of the Ag Leader displays and assisted and integrated steering options.

Entry-level option for growers seeking a cost-effective receiver. Single-frequency receiver designed for general mapping and AutoSwath functions.


  • Differential corrections include GLIDE, WAAS/EGNOS
  • GLONASS standard
  • GLIDE offers improved accuracy without subscription-based differential correction.
  • Increased signal uptime provided by standard StableLoc™ technology.
  • Outputs simulated radar speed.
  • Up to 10 Hz output.
  • LED diagnostics for at-a-glance system monitoring.
  • Integrated magnets and included mounting plate with locating pins provide repeatable mounting.
  • Sealed, compact, rugged design.

StableLoc maintains accurate steering – even when your correction signal is temporarily lost – by seamlessly transitioning to the next available signal source. When the signal is restored, the system will then transition back to the higher accuracy source, eliminating position jumps.

Glide offers superior pass to pass performance in situations when a differential signal is not available.

  • Works globally (does not require WAAS or EGNOS)
  • Creates smooth positioning for steering applications
  • Further enhances performance by accounting for ionosphere delay
  • Especially suited to geographies with high-ionosphere disturbance
  • Mitigates scintillation events