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AG Products


Barndoor Ag is pleased to sell American-made Dura Products, a leader in the manufacture of mini bulk ag equipment. Our selection includes Dura Meters, Dura Pumps, the Dura Easy Caddy, and the Dura ABS (auto batch system).

Dura Pump Features

The Dura Pump features a high flow rate, up to 15GPM/60LPM, a self-priming diaphragm with internal bypass capabilities, thermal protection from motor overheating, and a set 30-minute duty cycle. The suction port has 2″ male NPT and 1″ female NPT. All Dura pumps are easily field serviceable and have a 2-year maintenance program.

Dura Meter features

The Dura Meter features a new design for 2016. The meter is made of impact resistant Lexan™  and the faceplate and circuitry are 100% moisture-sealed so the unit is completely impervious to water intrusion. The backlit display is easy to use. The meter is plumbed for both in-line and 90-degree applications. We offer the meters in both EDPM and Viton iterations. These meters also come standard with a 2-year maintenance program.

Dura Auto Batch Systems

The Dura ABS is a remarkable system that combines the Dura Pump and the Dura Meter into one unit that allows the user to enter an amount that will then be automatically dispensed. The ABS has an intuitive interface that allows the user to select a manual or automatic operation with the flip of a switch. The system is optimized for repeatable batching and automatically returns to the last volume amount dispensed. The ABS is available in 12 Volt or 110 Volt, and EPDM or Viton options, and features a 2-year warranty.