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AgraTronix 20" HT-Pro Probe-Style Hay Moisture Tester | 07120

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Product Manual:
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Download PDF
Moisture Range:
14% – 44%
Temperature Range:
32° – 225° F

AgraTronix 20" HT-Pro Probe-Style Hay Moisture Tester | 07120

We believe in providing the best possible quality products and customer service for cultivators, agriculturalists and weekend farmers. We strive to be the leading provider of hay, grain and wood moisture sensing equipment so that our customers can consistently protect their crops, harvest, horses and livestock without worrying about their investments.

After the baling process, hay is stacked and awaits sale. Testing at this stage is vital for the same reasons that stood prior to the baling process. With a hand-held electronic probe tester, such as the AgraTronix HT-PRO, you are able to simply insert the probe into the bale and determine its moisture level.


  • 20” probe lengths available
  • Includes calibration clip – less than 20 seconds to calibrate
  • Above and below moisture limit indication
  • Illuminated LCD display


  • Moisture range: 14% – 44% depending on hay tested
  • Temperature range: 32° – 225° F (0° – 107° C)
  • Accurate throughout the normal range of stored, baled hay
  • Display resolution: 0.1% moisture
  • 9V battery required

The First and Only Portable Hay Moisture Tester With A Calibration Clip