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AgraTronix MT-16 Grain Moisture Tester | 08155

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AgraTronix 08155 Manual:

AgraTronix MT-16 Grain Tester | 08155

We believe in providing the best possible quality products and customer service for cultivators, agriculturalists and weekend farmers. We strive to be the leading provider of hay, grain and wood moisture sensing equipment so that our customers can consistently protect their crops, harvest, horses and livestock without worrying about their investments.


  • Direct readout for 16 different grain scales
  • Each scale adjustable to match local elevator
  • Automatically averages up to 99 test results
  • High-frequency, capacitive circuit improves overall accuracy
  • Convenient protective carrying case with shoulder strap included


  • Moisture range: 5% to 40% depending on grain tested
  • Temperature range: 32° to 113°F (0° to 45°C)
  • Repeatability & Accuracy: ± 0.5% in normal moisture range for stored grain
  • Display resolution: 0.1% moisture
  • 9 volt battery not included


Corn 5-21%, Corn 17-40%, Wheat-soft, Wheat-hard, Soybeans, Sorghum, Oats, Canola, Barley, Rye, Beans Paddy Rice, Flax, Safflower, Sunflower-oilseed, Sunflower-confect, Arbitrary Scale

Additional Grains by Request:

Alfalfa, Black Pepper, Buckwheat, Cardamom, Chickpea, Faba Bean, Flaxseed (Linseed), Green Lentils, Milk Powder (4% Fat), Milk Powder (Fat Free), Milk Thistle, Millet, Mustard Seed, Peanuts, Poppy Seed, Radish, Raw Coffee, Red Fescue, Red Lentils, Rye Grass, Safflower, Seaweed, Spinach Seed, Teff, Wheat Flower, White Clover, White Lupine