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Apache 3/4" NPTF Male x 1/2" NPSM Swivel Hydraulic Fitting | 1404-12-08

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 3/4" NPTF Male x 1/2" NPSM Swivel Hydraulic Fitting | 1404-12-08

This commonly used connection incorporates two methods of sealing. The male NPTF (Dryseal) tapered thread will mate with the NPTF tapered female which is usually a port and seal when the special threads are crushed together. Male PTF (Short Dryseal) are identical to male NPTF threads except that the thread lengths have been shortened by one full thread from the small end of the taper. Additional sealing aids such as pipe dope and Teflon tape are often used with theses threads. If the male has a 30 degree seat it will mate with the 30 degree cone seat in the NPSM straight thread swivel female usually found on adapters and is mechanically held together by the threads. NPTF and NPSM are not interchangeable with the British pipe threads.


  • A1 NPTF 3/4-14
  • A2 NPSM 1/2-14
  • A1 DRILL 0.719
  • A2 DRILL 0.44/0.48
  • L1 LGTH 1.65
  • L LGTH 1.93
  • C HEX 1.125
  • C1 HEX 1.000
  • MATERIAL:  High pressure carbon steel with zinc trivalent anti-corrosion coating National Pipe Straight Mechanical NPSM mates with NPTF pipe fittings and adapters. Female NPSM fittings have a straight thread and 30° seat which creates a metal to metal connection in hydraulic applications

1404 adapter fittings are equivalent to the following:

  • SAE 140130
  • Parker Hydraulics 0107
  • Weatherhead 9205
  • Aeroquip 2045