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ATV \ Front Bucket Weed Wiper Kits


ATV models were originally designed as a great alternative to spot spraying in your hay and pasture ground. Save on labor and on chemical costs by using our ATV/Front Bucket weed wiper unit. This product will come with the plumbing an frame needed to mount to your front bucket or ATV application. We sell the kits without the sprayer and pump because you probably already have a tank and pump to power your unit!

Round-up resistant weeds over the years have become a very large problem for growers in the industry, because hoeing is just too expensive. Fortunately, by using gramoxone with Smucker's sponge weed wiper, you can effectively and economically get control over your pigweed. This unique system can be mounted on the front of a tractor or sprayer, so that the user can see how much is getting on the weeds. Research has shown that our sponges are the most effective tool to wipe out weeds. Want to Learn more? Watch video here