Banjo 3 Vane Impeller 2 Inch | 200PO

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Banjo 3 Vane Impeller 2 Inch | 200PO

Shopping for a 2” polypropylene self-priming pump? Our Banjo 3 Vane Impeller Pump comes complete and ready for attachment to a gasoline engine.

  • This pump is lightweight and corrosion resistant
  • Superior design
  • Low maintenance
  • Pedestal Pump

  • EPDM standard 
  • Features precision-molded construction
  • With the addition of the Banjo bearing pedestal, the pump is easily adaptable to electric power. — flexible shaft coupling is used between motor and pump shaft. Pump and motor assembly is mounted on — metal base.
  • Do not use with flammable liquids

EPDM: An excellent choice for a wide range of chemicals at the most affordable direction.

  • Advantages: Excellent resistance to heat; ozone and sunlight; very good flexibility at low temperatures; good resistance to alkalis, acids and oxygenated solvents; superior resistance to water and steam; excellent color stability.
  • Limitations: Poor resistance to oil; gasoline and hydrocarbon solvents; adhesion to fabrics and metal is poor.
  • Temperature Rating: -6°F to 300°F

The Banjo 3 Vane Impeller Pump features a bearing pedestal and is easily adaptable to electric power. A flexible shaft coupling is used between the motor and the pump shaft, and the pump and motor are mounted on a metal base. For the best polypropylene transfer pumps and agricultural spray equipment, you can count on Barndoor Ag to provide you with the best products on the market. We offer some of the best pump brands including Ace Pumps, Banjo, Enverflo, and Hypro. Shop online today!

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