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10 Tips for Picking Out the Best Agricultural Equipment for Your Farm

10 Tips for Picking Out the Best Agricultural Equipment for Your Farm

Jan 11th 2021

10 Tips for Picking Out the Best Agricultural Equipment for Your Farm

The wrong agricultural equipment is a waste of time and money for your farm. You can't prep your field for winter without the right tillage tools and plow. Trying to finish this task with the wrong tools can leave your field in poor condition when it's time to plant again in the spring.

How can you know if you have the right equipment? Whether you're starting a new farming business with new equipment or it's time to update your well-worn tools, be choosy when selecting your next pieces. Don't risk overspending for tools you don't need or buying low-quality equipment that won't last through a full year of farming.

Follow these ten tips for picking out the best agricultural equipment for your farm.

1. Don't Let Lowest Prices Sway You

You probably don't need the most expensive equipment you can find. However, sometimes seeking out the lowest priced equipment can stock your equipment inventory with tools that won't last very long.

Quality farming equipment should last season after season with routine maintenance. Saving a few bucks on low-cost garden sprayers might reduce your costs this year. However, if they break after minimal use and you need to buy more sprayers again next year, you haven't saved any money at all.

Be careful not to sacrifice quality for cost savings. Overspending isn't necessary, either. Choose quality and affordability for your agricultural equipment!

2. Assess Your Needs

Do you really need that? Buying agricultural equipment can be a fun part of building your farming business until you realize you don't need everything you purchased. Before you shop, make a list of the sprayer supplies and other equipment you need that pertains to your farm and product—then stick to the list.

3. Be Open to the Best Brands

You might have a long-standing family tradition of using a single brand of heavy machinery and equipment. Over time, brands can change, and quality can suffer. Other brands can rise to the occasion and offer superior products at the right prices for today's farms. 

ATV Sprayer

Be open to the best brands to get your job done—even if a specific brand is a tried-and-true favorite. Choose a retailer that offers a variety of brands and equipment to give you the best selection of quality farming tools and machines.

4. Test It

Don't take anyone's word for it. ATV sprayers can look great on paper or in a warehouse showroom. However, before finalizing the purchase, ask to test it out.

Make sure every tool performs to your expectations before spending the money. Don't risk being stuck with equipment you can't use and can't return.

5. Don't Forget Safety

Does the price include required (or recommended) safety equipment? Many heavy machines and equipment pieces require safety pieces or protective gear to operate safely. However, the low price you see on those workhorse sprayers might not include any safety equipment or considerations.

Before you complete your equipment purchases and starting using new equipment, make sure you have the right operational safeguards in place to protect yourself and your crew.

6. Look For Parts

Will your equipment supplier also provide parts? Finding a one-stop-shop to buy new equipment and replacement parts (when needed) is an excellent way to buy convenience along with your machines and tools.

The right equipment dealer is an expert on the equipment you need, from mechanics to operations and parts service. When your equipment needs repair, you know where to go to get the right part the first time and avoid production delays.

7. Ask About Loyalty Offers

When you find that go-to parts and equipment dealer, you'll send a lot of business their way over the years. That's good for you, and your supplier appreciates it, too!

Ask about loyalty offers when you purchase new equipment. Loyalty programs and special deals can help you keep up with the latest equipment from a dealer you trust to provide the equipment your farm needs to succeed.

8. Consider Ongoing Support

Along with finding replacement parts, your equipment needs service from time to time. Do you have someone on staff to perform maintenance and repairs? Even if your dealer doesn't provide service for maintenance, they should provide access to schematics, manuals, and parts diagrams to help keep your equipment in excellent working condition.

9. Ask About Return and Shipping Policies

You don't want to wait around for your equipment or a part to arrive when it's time to plant or harvest. You also can't get stuck with broken equipment or a tool that arrives in poor condition.

Before making a significant equipment purchase, check into the return and shipping policies. Shipping should be prompt with fast and free options to help deliver your pieces on time and without hassles.

Returns should also be a headache-free process, especially if your items arrived damaged.

10. Consider the "Seven Ps"

Keeping these tips in mind when purchasing equipment is easier when you consider the "Seven Ps." The price-to-quality ratio comes into play every time you buy new equipment. As your farm grows or you expand your business, you'll upgrade equipment to keep up with the demand.

The Seven Ps can help farmers hone in on the best equipment brands and pieces before purchasing. There's no magic formula to how these "Ps" should work together for you and your specific needs. However, considering these conditions before your purchase can help you find the ideal equipment at the right price and quality.

The Seven Ps include:

  • Price
  • Performance
  • Power
  • Parts
  • Product support
  • Prestige
  • Purchase

Develop your ideal balance among these seven priorities to build your equipment inventory and run a successful agriculture business!

Choose the Best Agricultural Equipment

It shouldn't be stressful to choose the best agricultural equipment. When you find the right retailer, you have everything you need, including a wide range of brands, plenty of parts and equipment options, and fast and free shipping with a simple return policy.

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