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7 Benefits of Agratronix Fencing

7 Benefits of Agratronix Fencing

Dec 21st 2022

Curious to know if Agratronix fencing can help your business? It is easy to install, has durable materials, low maintenance requirements, and has customizable options. So it's easy to see why farmers are turning to Agratronix for their farms when installing new fencing.

In this article, we'll discuss seven awesome benefits of Agratronix fencing. We'll also look at why it's becoming one of the most popular fencing solutions out there.

What Is Argratronix Fencing?

Agratronix electronic fencing is a type of livestock and agricultural fencing designed to keep animals contained. This fencing utilizes an electric current to create a barrier that is difficult for animals to cross. With the right setup and materials, Agratronix fencing can serve in any type of agricultural setting, from small farms to large estates.

Our Power Wizard Shock Technology plug-in is the perfect solution for your animal fencing needs. It provides you with solar or battery power that you can customize for any type and size of fence.

Now, there's no need to worry about livestock wandering off. Our powerful electric shock technology will keep them safe and secure.

What Is Electronic Fencing?

Electronic fencing is a type of livestock and agricultural fencing that uses an electric current to create a barrier or boundary. The current is powered by either electricity, solar, or battery power. It serves as a deterrent for animals, making it difficult for them to cross the boundary.

It Is effective because it uses a low-level shock to startle any animal that attempts to jump or break through the fence.

Power Wizard Shock Technology

The Power Wizard Shock Technology plug-in, solar and battery-powered electric fence energizers provide a gentle shock that deters animals from crossing. Unlike other fencing solutions which require significant manpower to install and maintain, Agratronix harnesses the power of technology to keep your livestock safe.

Power Failure Protection

With most electric applications a power failure is a major concern. Agratronix fencing has built-in protection that prevents potential system failures when there is a disruption of power.

This feature allows the fence to continue to operate even if a power outage or disruption in your electricity occurs. In other words, you don't have to worry about your animals escaping during an emergency.

Here are some benefits of installing a fence like this on your farm.

1. Cost Effective

Fencing options are pricey. Agratronix fencing is very cost-effective compared to traditional fencing solutions. The upfront cost is low, with no need for additional expensive maintenance or repairs over time.

It uses less material than traditional fencing, allowing you to save money on supplies. Labor cost is also reduced because electronic fences are easier to install than other types of fencing. It also requires minimal upkeep.

The electric fence energizers used in conjunction with the fencing are powered by solar energy. This makes them very efficient and cost-effective.

2. Durable

Agratronix fencing is made with durable materials that can last for years, even in harsh weather conditions. The fences are constructed from galvanized steel posts.

Galvanized steel is strong and long-lasting, making it the perfect choice for fencing. The welding of the posts creates a strong barrier that won’t corrode or break down over time.

The energizers used to power the fencing are weather-resistant and can last for up to 10 years.

3. Customizable

Agratronix fencing is quite customizable. You can have fences constructed in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any need. The size or shape of your farm will not be an issue when using Agratronix fencing.

Our Power Wizard Shock Technology allows farmers to adjust the electric current according to their individual needs. This makes it easy to customize the shock level depending on the type of livestock you are trying to contain.

4. Low Maintenance

With Agratronix fencing, there's no need for regular upkeep or repairs. The galvanized steel posts require minimal maintenance. The type of material used in the construction of the posts prevents corrosion and rust, making it ideal for years of use.

The electric fence energizers used to power the fencing require no maintenance or repairs either.

Traditional fencing needs regular inspection and maintenance to remain effective. With Agratronix fencing, this is not necessary as the fences require minimal upkeep.

5. Easy Installation

Installing an Agratronix fence is easy and straightforward. The galvanized posts are lightweight and can be set up with minimal effort in just a few hours. This easy installation is perfect for those who want to get their fencing up quickly and hassle-free.

The energizers used to power the fence are also easy to install and come with detailed instructions. This makes it simple and straightforward even for those without prior experience in electric fencing installation.

Our Power Wizard Shock Technology energizers come pre-programmed, so you don’t have to worry about setting up the electric current on your own.

6. Safe

Agratronix fencing is designed with safety in mind. The electric fence energizers emit low-level shocks that are safe for animals and people alike. Safety is an important factor when using electric fences, and Agratronix takes this seriously.

The galvanized steel posts are non-toxic and safe for animals. You can feel confident that your livestock is secure without any potential health risks from the fencing itself.

Our fences come equipped with an audible alarm system that will alert you if there are any problems with the fence or if an animal crossed it.

7. Good for the Environment

Agratronix fencing is a great choice for the environment. The galvanized steel posts and Power Wizard Shock Technology energizers are both energy efficient, reducing your carbon footprint. Solar-powered electric fence energizers use renewable energy, making them even better for the environment.

Protecting the environment is important to us, and we take pride in providing green solutions for electric fencing.

Get new Fencing That is Effective and Affordable

Agratronix Electric Fencing is a great way to keep your animals safe and secure. With its low maintenance, cost-effectiveness, durability, and flexibility, it's no wonder that Agratronix fencing has become the go-to choice for livestock owners around the world.

If you're looking for an agricultural fencing solution that offers durability, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and safety all in one package, Agratronix is a perfect choice. With these seven awesome benefits, it's no wonder why more farmers are choosing Agratronix as their go-to fence system! Shop Agratronix with us today.