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9 Critical Things to Look for When Buying Your Next Garden Sprayer

9 Critical Things to Look for When Buying Your Next Garden Sprayer

Mar 15th 2019

9 Critical Things to Look for When Buying Your Next Garden Sprayer

Did you know that without adequate weed control you crop yields can reduce by up to 43%?

Dealing with weeds can be a daunting task. As such, you need a good garden sprayer. This equipment comes in different models and may vary in functionality.

In this article, we shall go through some of the things you should consider when buying a garden sprayer.

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1. Type of Sprayer

Before spending your money on a sprayer, you should first identify which type will allow you to provide the best care for your plants. The following are some common types of sprayers:

Hose-End Sprayers

These are simple devices that can be attached to a regular sprayer and hose pipe. They are cheap and suitable for small gardens.

Backpack Models

Backpacks are suitable for large, uneven gardens. They are also good for people with arthritis who may not be able to carry heavy sprayers by hand.

Wheeled Models

These are easy to move around. However, your garden must be relatively flat and smooth.

You should also consider how your device will be powered before making a purchase. There are three options: manual, gasoline or battery powered.

2. Capacity

Yard sprayer tank capacities generally range from eight ounces up to five gallons. Take into consideration the intended job you want to use the sprayer for and the size of your garden.

If you select one with a low capacity, you will have to refill the tank more times to complete one spraying cycle. A sprayer with an adequate capacity will be more time efficient.

3. Portability

Sprayers have to be reasonably portable as you will have to move them through your garden.

If the size of your garden is big, consider a wheeled model. For rough terrain, a backpack model will serve you better.

It is also important to consider the actual size of the sprayer, especially with backpack models. Bulky sprayers are cumbersome and will be difficult to work with.

4. Durability

This is one of the most important factors when it comes to the choice of a sprayer. Like with most other things, you get what you pay for.

Cheap brands are likely to compromise on quality. However, it is important to point out that cost is not always a determinant of quality.

Sprayers are usually made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, or plastic (polythene). Steel models are the most durable but are also more expensive.

Plastic sprayers may not last for decades but are suitable for homeowners with a small garden.

5. Cleaning

You should clean your sprayer every time you finish using it as dirt can damage the pump or block the spray nozzle of your device.

Filling the empty tank with soapy water will help clean the tank, hose, and nozzle. You can then use clean water to rinse.

Unfortunately, there will be times when your sprayer will get clogged. Unclogging it will require you to disassemble it for a thorough wash.

In that regard, choose a sprayer that has a filter to prevent debris from entering the nozzle and getting stuck. Also, you should pick one that can be quickly taken apart and put back together.

6. Choose a Garden Sprayer with an Adjustable Nozzle

Sprayers can be used for spraying different substances such as fungicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. To ensure that your device is effective, check to see how adjustable the nozzle is. A suitable spray nozzle will allow you to:

  • Adjust the size of the spray
  • Control the flow rate
  • Change spray angles

With an adjustable nozzle, you will be able to spray the whole plant, or easily spray specific parts with high accuracy and without wastage.

7. Weight

Depending on the size and build material, sprayers vary in weight. Before picking one, you must put in consideration that you will have to fill it with up to five gallons of liquid. Weight is an important consideration when your garden is vast.

For large fields, sprayers with wheels are more suitable. Backpack models will work best on uneven terrain.

8. Manufacturer/Brand

With the proliferation of sprayers in the market, it might be difficult to make the right choice. However, you can rarely go wrong with an established brand.

Even though brands that are known for their reliability might cost a little more, they are a better bet.

If you are not aware of how reliable a brand is, check their company website to see how long they have been in the industry. Also, check for customer reviews and feedback on the specific model you want to purchase.

Your goal should be to identify the best quality equipment within your budget.

9. Pump

There are two different types of pumps that come with garden sprayers. These are piston and diaphragm pumps.

Piston Pumps

These pumps have a cylindrical housing encasing a piston which moves up and down to create pressure. The pressure can reach up to 90 psi.

The high pressure results in smaller droplets that can reach further. Piston pumps can be used with low abrasive and low viscosity spray liquids like insecticides and herbicides.

They should not be used with an abrasive, bleach solution or wettable powders as they can cause the pump to fail or wear out prematurely. Piston pumps are relatively easy to repair.

Diaphragm Pumps

Diaphragm pumps have a housing that features a flat diaphragm that is held together by screws. The diaphragm flexes up and down to create pressure when pumping.

They are usually more durable as there is no contact with the cylinder wall. These pumps can reach 60 psi and can be used with abrasive, bleach solutions and wettable powders.

Diaphragm pumps are repairable, but they take longer than piston models.

Pick the Perfect Sprayer for Your Needs

When it comes to garden sprayer shopping, there is no one size fits all approach. You have to carefully assess your needs and the nature of your garden to know which sprayer will serve you best.

It is essential that you use high-quality equipment to get exceptional yields.

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