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A Complete Overview to the Ag Leader InCommand 1200

A Complete Overview to the Ag Leader InCommand 1200

Jun 27th 2022

In 2022, the average U.S. net farm income dropped by about 5% from 2021.

When considering the profitability of farming, there are many considerations. But there's no doubt that a primary consideration is the quality and quantity of the yield in a given year.

As a farmer, you understand that some factors are in your control, while others are not. This fact hasn't changed since humans started farming. There will always be circumstances that affect crop yield that we have no control over.

But now, with the Ag Leader InCommand 1200 precision farming device, farmers are enjoying a level of control they've never had before. This planting display, which helps to improve yield and conserve resources, is one of the most exciting tools in precision agriculture.

The InCommand takes a look at your farm as a whole, considering all factors and providing prescriptive maps for the best outcomes at harvest time.

So what is it about this device that's got farmers so excited? Keep reading to learn more about the InCommand 1200 and how it has the potential to help farmers conserve valuable resources while producing higher quality crops, and more of them.

How Does the Ag Leader InCommand Work?

A Complete Overview to the Ag Leader InCommand 1200

The InCommand 1200 is hailed by Ag Leader as a solution for every farm and field activity. With year-round functionality, this device helps farmers conserve resources while enjoying higher crop yields and thus, larger profits.

The device acts as a brain for your planting tractor and helps you to track your planter's performance and spot any mistakes or issues before they affect your yield. With it, you'll be able to see every row of crops and document their progress every step of the year.

There was a time, in the not-so-distant past, when you found out how your planter was performing based on the yields. This meant that by the time you found out about any mistakes, it was too late. Sure, you could correct those mistakes the following year, but who's to say your planter wouldn't make new mistakes then?

Farmers often felt as if they were pushing a boulder uphill, only to have it roll back down.

That's what makes this technology so revolutionary. Farmers are now able to track planter mistakes in real-time and make adjustments early enough to still see high yields during harvest time.

Farmers know how important seed placement is when it comes to getting a high return on their investment. Beyond just ensuring that seeds are placed evenly, today's farming practices consider every factor of seeding from depth and spacing to which seeds do best in each part of the farm.

No longer will you have to use trial and error to determine the best location for specific seeds. With historical maps, you'll even be able to compare crop health and yield year by year.

Your Second Brain

A Complete Overview to the Ag Leader InCommand 1200

If it seems like there's too much to keep track of in modern farming, that's because there is. Luckily, you don't have to do it on your own.

The InCommand 1200 syncs up with your planter to show you the row-by-row activity of your farm from multiple perspectives. It shows you the seed population in each part of the field, as well as skips and doubles, confirms the spacing quality, and even the amount of pressure the planter's wheel load is applying to the soil.

And with AgFiniti, you can sync up every machine, tablet, and phone on the farm to show a full analysis and history of the farm conditions.

The InCommand 1200 is so effective that a staggering 80% of our first-year participants discovered problems on their farm they didn't even know they had!

Higher Yields, Higher Quality, Higher Profits

A poor yield in any given year can mean a major financial hit for many farmers.

Naturally, the higher your crop yield is, the more you have to sell on the market. And, (again) naturally, the higher the quality of your yield, the higher the price you'll get for it.

The InCommand considers all factors to ensure you have the best chance at a highly profitable harvest. Load crop variety maps, planter downforce maps, or application maps into the display, then view harvest results in real-time via a “split-screen” view. This gives you insights on:

  • Variety performance
  • Field/soil variability
  • Potential field issues like drainage or infestation
  • Chemical application impact

Watch the efficiency and productivity of your farm skyrocket once you become connected. No more guessing, no more hoping for the best, and waiting until it's too late to find out if any mistakes were made.

Great For the Farm and the Farmer

With a sleek but sturdy exterior, the InCommand can hold its own on the farm. With its user-friendly and intuitive design, any farmer can use it. Better yet, with easy connectivity across the entire farm, everyone on the team will be on the same page. This all creates strong morale on the farm and reduces frustration and fatigue.

And with the most up-to-date precision farming technology, you can rest easy knowing you're conserving resources. Precision farming with this device means less herbicide and fertilizer use and fewer emissions from farming equipment.

It can even help to improve the soil, keeping it nutrient-rich and ready for years of healthy, bountiful output.

Upgrade Your Farm Today

In today's world, you need every bit of help one can get to ensure you're getting the most out of your crops. You can't afford to operate off of guesses these days. The InCommand is the help you've been waiting for.

Barn Door is here to help with any questions or concerns you have. And once you're ready, visit our online store to purchase an Ag Leader InCommand 1200 and get started on optimizing your farm today.