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Ultimate Review of the Raven Precision CR7 Field Computer

Ultimate Review of the Raven Precision CR7 Field Computer

Posted by Hoth on Jan 25th 2018

The Raven Precision CR7 Field Computer

Review of the Raven Precision CR7 Field Computer

Are you interested in purchasing the Raven Precision CR7 Field Computer, but not sure if it's right for you? Read on for a full review on the product.

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Modern farming now uses technology that allows for more efficiency and productivity.

One such technology is a field computer. It's a device that can help farmers in managing almost every farming function. Because of this, we can enjoy higher yields and fewer risks.

A field computer can auto-steer compatible machines or control sprayers for more accurate distribution of chemicals. It can also help keep records, monitor yields, map zones, and more. It also has wireless connection, so your data is safe

One of the best field computers today is the Raven Precision CR7. It's a newcomer to the industry, yet it's already helping many farmers.

Let's review the CR7 in detail to find out if it's right for you!

About the Raven Precision CR7

What Is Raven Precision CR7?

The Raven CR7 is a 7-inch small field computer with a host of capabilities. It has three configurations:

  • As a standalone field computer guidance system
  • Gen II cable system with SmarTrax and Accuboom only
  • Gen III with SmarTrax and ISO product control

The CR7 is one of the newer products that Raven released in August 2017. The agricultural company launched it alongside the RS1. It's a speed steering system that combines Slingshot, GPS, and autosteer.


Raven Precision CR7 Features

The CR7 allows you to customize the in-job layouts and lets you choose the language. You can also set the unit for distance, speed, area, and more one by one. You can use the Metric unit for the weight and the USA unit for volume, for example.

The layout is pretty simple. You can easily add widgets by dragging and dropping. You can move them around or delete them as needed.

The settings are accessible via the in-job screen with the press of a single button. On the settings page, you can access your machine's specific information. To go back to the job, all you have to do is press a button.

From the job screen, selecting a Guidance Line Type is fast and easy. Simply press a button on the right-hand side, and the options will appear.

Order the Raven Precision CR7 Today!

The CR7 offers Straight AB, A+, Contour, Pivot, and Lastpass. If you created AB lines, you can load it to use on the job.

It's also GPS-enabled, which means you can track your movements real time on the map. While you're on the map navigation screen, you can create zones that will then appear on your main CR7 page.

You can organize the field boundaries you create. Starting a new job while on this screen is also simple. You only have to click the boundary and select "New Job."

The CR7 has locked additional features that you can purchase from your dealer. On the Features page, you can activate GPS unlocks, or unlock the following:

  • Task Controller
  • Multi-VRA
  • Universal Terminal
  • VRA

The Task Control capabilities are only for ISO product control. You can, however, unlock UT and use it as a standalone ISO display.

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Raven CR7 Capabilities

The Raven Precision CR7 is also equipped with Raven Slingshot for seamless file transfer and remote support.

The Slingshot is a system that delivers fast connectivity via mobile networks. It allows you to access cloud-based data, online services, and RTK correction signals.

Transferring files is simple with the use of the File Manager on the Settings page. The Updates page display available updates you can download via the Slingshot Link.

It is also compatible with SmarTrax auto-steering, which features automatic system calibration. It also boasts of best-in-class operating speeds to cover more ground faster. You can use Raven's SmarTrax on many steer-ready machines.

Raven's AccuBoom is also available for CR7. The automatic boom control can help you save resources through more accurate spraying. The easy-to-use controls can also save you time with faster spraying times.

With the rising input costs, the AccuBoom is a great tool to shield you from it.


Some of the main positive points about the CR7 include:

  • Simple and intuitive
  • More affordable than other options
  • Small and lightweight
  • Customizable
  • Compatible with serial SCS consoles
  • Compatible with external lightbar support
  • Available in 3 configurations

The Raven Precision CR7 offers many features for a cheaper price. Because it is a new product, it has newer technologies that can help farmers more efficiently.


Some of the main negative points about the CR7 include:

  • No touchscreen
  • Limited available enhancements

The CR7 does not have the touchscreen capabilities of the more expensive Viper 4 nor the vast enhancement options. Aside from AccuBoom, SmarTrax, and Slingshot, the Viper 4 is compatible with at least five other application controls.

What You're Missing

Hawkeye Nozzle Control System

You can control your sprayer using this system, which allows you to enjoy

precise applications in different conditions.


The AccuFlow Vortex Cooler uses super cooling technology for more accurate NH3 applications.

Sidekick Pro Direct Injection

The system features automatic calibration, a first in the industry. It is more precise, more efficient, and has higher yields.

Switch Pro

This control console provides more spraying controls. This can result in more savings and increased productivity.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you want a powerful field computer that's lightweight and portable, the Raven CR7 is for you. It's an affordable plug and play system that can help you manage your field with all the available enhancements.

You might not even need the extra enhancements on the other Raven field computers. The CR7 is enough if you want an easy-to-use device. If you're buying a field computer for the first time, the CR7 is intuitive enough for first-time users.

As a Raven Precision product, you can be sure that you're getting a quality device. Raven's experts are also accessible to you anytime via Slingshot.

Features Of The CR7 Field Computer:

  • Supports multiple languages and features customizable units
  • Has a simplified and customizable widget layout
  • Map-based navigation capabilities
  • It is compatible with Raven AccuBoom and other control sonsoles
  • Features an interactive field / job list and map view
  • Compatible with Autosteer products, such as SmarTrax and SmarTrax MD

Buy the Raven Precision CR7 Now

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