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Why Choose Dura Products?

Why Choose Dura Products?

Apr 29th 2022

Analysts valued the agricultural equipment market at more than $120 billion in 2021. Are you tired of paying for equipment again and again? Are you looking for more durable equipment for your chemical application needs?

Dura Products has the solution.

Dura Products has an extensive line of durable, high-quality ag chemical equipment that stands up to the demands of real-world use. Learn more about Dura Products meters and the Easy Caddy system to see what a difference they can make.

Why Choose Dura Products?

Dura Products manufactures state-of-the-art agricultural chemical equipment. The company is based in Indiana. It manufactures all of its products in the American heartland.

Dura Products designed their product line with you in mind. The company's founders have decades of experience in farming and the chemical sales industry. Dura Products understands what you need from your equipment.

Dura Products Innovation

The Dura product line focuses on metering, pumping, and dispensing systems. This specialization has led to higher-quality designs and more innovative solutions. The company introduced its flagship Dura-Meter in 2011 and the Dura-Pump in 2012.

Dura Products won an AE50 award for innovation in 2020 for the Dura-ABS DI Automated Direct Injection System.

Dura Products Durability

Dura Products prides itself on manufacturing the most durable Ag equipment on the market. The durability of Dura Products gives you better performance and less downtime.

Dura Products Dura-Meter

The Dura-Meter is the user interface for many of Dura Products' Ag Systems packages. It has a range of convenient features. It's rugged enough for real-world field conditions.

Features of the Dura-Meter

The menu-driven, backlit display is user-friendly. The meter is easy to calibrate. It's plumbed for in-line and 90-degree applications, so you don't need an adapter.

The Dura-Meter displays batch and total volume with gallons or liters flow rate measurement. The fluid flow starts the measurement.

You can choose Viton, EPDM, or silicone seals. The best material depends on the types of chemicals you'll be using.

Some chemicals are incompatible with certain elastomers. You can ruin the equipment by running an incompatible product. Dura Products offers different seal options to be sure you get the right meter for your application.

Accuracy of the Dura-Meter

he Dura-Meter is accurate to +/-0.5%.

The meter has a quick calibration list of commonly used products and temperatures. You can easily and automatically calibrate the meter. You can also dispense fluids into a calibrated container and adjust the meter manually.

Durability of the Dura-Meter

The Dura-Meter can withstand tough working conditions. The circuitry is fully sealed against moisture. The meter can withstand operating temperatures from 32ºF to 140ºF.

The faceplate is Lexan, which is impact resistant. The body is made from GF Polypropylene.

The use of two 9V batteries gives you extended battery life.

Dura Products Easy Caddy

The Dura-Pump Easy Caddy is a complete chemical transfer system. It contains a Dura-Pump mounted in a sturdy frame. You can purchase it with or without the Dura-Meter.

Dura-Pump Features

The Dura-Pump is a high-flow herbicide pump. It has up to a 15 GPM free flow rate. The pump has a 30-minute duty cycle.

The self-priming pump has an internal by-pass. You can dead-head the system by closing a hose-end valve without damaging the pump.

Like the Dura-Meter, the Dura-Pump has an EPDM, Viton, or silicone option. You can choose the material that's compatible with the fluids you use.

Dura-Pump Durability

The Dura-Pump has a robust construction. The motor is thermally protected from overheating. The pump is easy to service in the field.

Easy Caddy Features

The Easy Caddy keeps your chemical distribution system organized. It keeps the pump right above the IBC shuttle valve.

All the equipment that could be damaged is on one side of the shuttle. You have less chance of accidental damage from the forklift.

The Easy Caddy is very versatile. You can mount it in six different configurations. It works with many types of tanks, totes, and drums.

You can mount the Easy Caddy on the top or side of the tank. You can mount it off the ground as well. Conversion kits are available to mount it on Monsanto and Snyder tanks.

Upgrade Options: The Dura Auto-Batch System

You can upgrade your Dura-Pump to an Auto-Batch System (ABS). The Dura ABS is an automated herbicide transfer system.

You enter the amount of fluid you want dispensed and press Start. The pump dispenses the right quantity of fluid and then shuts off automatically. The system is optimized for repeatable batching.

The Dura-ABS is compliant with EPA regulations.

Dura Products Parts and Accessories

A wide range of parts and accessories is available from Dura Products distributors. Dura Products makes it easy to service your equipment.

For example, you can buy a meter body or faceplate for your Dura-Meter. You can find the bottom housing with the gasket and screws for the Dura-Pump.

Conversion kits let you adapt your Dura equipment for different applications. A GEM cap or MTS Easy Caddy conversion kit are some of the options.

You can also find quality accessories like a 5-gallon calibration jug.

Using genuine Dura Products parts and accessories ensures you get the durable, high-quality performance you expect.

Improve Your Ag Chemical Distribution with Dura Products

The Dura-Meter, Dura-Pump, and Easy Caddy bring many benefits to your operation. These products have a range of features that make them convenient to use and adaptable for your application. They're durable and robust.

Dura Products stands behind their equipment with a warranty and maintenance program. They provide excellent customer service.

Barndoor Ag is your trusted source for quality Dura Products. Our online inventory includes a wide array of Ag systems products.

Check out our selection of Dura Products today and start enjoying the benefits of equipment that works as hard as you do.