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Bird Baths


What better way to experience the brilliant colors and sweet songs that birds have to offer than with a bird bath? Bird baths are a fun addition to any landscape that wants to add a little more beauty and interest. Not only do they serve an important role in keeping birds healthy by giving them a safe place to drink and bathe, but they also give you the opportunity to see a variety of different species of birds in your own backyard. However, maintaining the upkeep of these small baths can be a hassle. The stagnant water makes them prone to mosquitos and the build-up of bacteria, and in the winter they often freeze over, leaving them useless to your feathered friends. 

With a few basic tools from Barndoor AG, you can keep your bird bath clean and functional all year round! Check out our enzyme treatment and water agitator to keep your bird bath clean, clear, and free of mosquitos. You can also grab our de-icer to keep the water flowing in the colder months. So bring a little bit of nature to your backyard today with the easy Barndoor AG bird bath tools that make upkeep a breeze!

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