Bird Feeders


Although you can seem to find bird feeders almost anywhere, at Barndoor AG, you get high-quality bird feeders that allow your birds to comfortably feed. As beautiful pollinators and a friendly hello throughout the day, it’s important to give your birds a feeder that supports their natural feeding position. At Barndoor AG, you get superior bird feeders that provide that perfect perch position for your birds to feed. We have feeders with up to 10 ports and all of our bird feeders offer easy-to-fill containers that are just as easy to clean. We are proud to offer easy and efficient bird feeders to enjoy. 

Whether you’re looking for a small window-secured feeder for an up-close view, or a large feeder with several ports to feed a crowd, we have the perfect bird feeders for you! We even offer an antique bird feeder to add a touch of elegance to your yard. Find vintage accents and beautiful feeders that only compliment your birds and landscape. Our hummingbird feeders feature a red base with yellow flowers, to attract birds. The two-part base comes apart for easy mixing right in the reservoir. If you’re looking for exceptional bird feeders, Barndoor AG can help!