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DICAMBA APPLICATION UPDATES - TeeJet Broadcast Spray Nozzles

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Barndoor Ag is pleased to announce the latest update on Dicamba approved Teejet Nozzles. The Turbo TeeJet Induction nozzle has been approved by the EPA for application of XtendiMax (Monsanto) and Engenia (BASF) on Dicamba tolerant crops. As RoundUp resistant weeds have evolved, the control of weeds such as morningglory, marestail, pigweed and Palmer amaranth have become more difficult.

The development of Dicamba tolerant crops (cotton and soybeans) allow producers to apply XtendiMax or Engenia herbicides. The difficulty lies in applying these herbicides in an accurate, precise and responsible manner. For more information you can contact Barndoor Ag Spray support or download the tech bulletin above.