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Bug Ball Deer Fly 2-Pack Replacement | 1012DF

2.00 LBS
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Bug Ball 1012DF Brochure:
1012DF Brochure

Bug Ball Deer Fly 2-Pack Replacement | 1012DF

The BUG BALL is designed to catch and hold onto pesky biting insects that just never seem to leave us alone, Horse flies, yellow flies, deer flies, green head flies, and many more biting insects are a short list of insects that the BUG BALL is effective against. Every BUG BALL is made from a heavy duty-weather resistant-blue PVC and is equipped with a molded loop on the top and an inflation port on the side. The molded loop on the top enables it to be hung from a tree or poll with a rope or to be hung from a shepherd's hook. It is most effective to have the ball suspended approximately 4 ft. to 5 ft. off the ground. The ball is designed to work with Tangle-Trap sticky coating (included). Tangle-Trap is an odorless environmentally green bug adhesive with NO pesticides or electricity needed to get rid of those irritating biting insects. Tangle-Trap is also safe to use around children and pets. It takes 2-3 BUG BALL's to effectively cover 1 acre and works great in green house, pool areas, back yards, gardens, animal stables or shelters, orchards, barns, cabins, and many more places.



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