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Drexel Fome-Kil® Defoamer 1 Quart | 28190-505

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Product Description

Drexel Fome-Kil®


Fome-Kil® is an anti-foaming agent used as an additive to control the foaming of various agricultural chemicals.

Available in 12x1 quart and 4x1 gallon

Functions and Benefits

  • Especially beneficial in controlling the foaming action of wetting agents, herbicides, and pesticides in water-based solutions and emulsions.
  • Can be applied directly to spray solutions in a pre-mix application or added while a tank is being filled to control foam formation or to control existing foam.
  • Agitation will aid dispersion.

Will one ounce of Fome-Kil® per 100 gallons of water provide sufficient anti-foam?
Under normal conditions Fome-Kil® will perform adequately at this rate. If adverse conditions are present it may be necessary to adjust the amount used.

When do I mix Fome-Kil® in my mixing sequence?
Fome-Kil® will perform adequately if mixed during the sequence with an adequate amount of water or after mixing sequence to knock down existing foam.

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*Always read and follow all label instructions on the product container(s) before using. Purchaser is responsible for reading the product label and usage requirements. Barn Door Ag assumes no liability for the use or misuse of these products.



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