Dura 1″ Replacement T-Handle | DP-N4004 AG

DP-N4004 AG
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Dura 1″ Replacement T-Handle | DP-N4004 AG

Looking for a replacement t-handle? Check out this quality product by Dura Products Inc.

  • Quickly replace a missing or broken handle with this t-handle.
  • This t-handle will make the use of your agriculture equipment easy, with its simple-to-grip design.
  • Created by Dura Products Inc., you can count on this handle to last you for a long time to come.

Add the perfect replacement handle to your nozzle or valve with this t-handle by Dura Products. When it comes to agriculture equipment, you need every component to be high-quality, even something as simple as a handle. This basic handle is created with quality materials, which means you can rely on it to work for you day-after-day, year-after-year.

When it comes to finding quality products for your farm or ranch, we carry all the ag supplies you need. Dura Products is a trusted manufacturer, supplying a variety of equipment solutions. From something as simple as this handle to a complex Dura-Pump™ Easy Caddy, these quality ag supplies are designed to meet your everyday needs. Purchase their products through our online store today.


  • One-inch t-handle
  • Brand: Dura Products