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Electrical Supplies


Power your job with electrical products from Barndoor AG. Our wide selection of electrical cords, work lights, cord reels, and more can help you with your agricultural or industrial applications, even with hobbies like automotive repair or gardening.


Our products are sturdy enough for the most intense outdoor and garage work. For example, we offer extension cords with temp-flex technology to withstand rough handling and to fit into hard-to-reach areas. Our cord locks are weather-resistant enough to protect cord from wind, rain, and ice. Even better, we offer cold weather extension cords that are specialized for the iciest winters. So, if you’re generating heat outdoors or need to power your home improvement tools, get cords that power through the frigid temperatures. Our heavy-duty work lights are great for nighttime and garage work, offering emergency lighting, or improving your view while you work, and are built into a durable structure that resists falls, tumbles, and frequent repositioning. You can even find booster cables for automotive batteries that’s packed into durable cartons for safe handling.


Shop our wide selection below to find the electrical equipment you need. Whether you’re working on building flashing, repairing a vehicle, or digging a trench, we have the products you need to keep the power going.