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  • Enduraplas 55 Gallon DEF Fuel Boss™ | REU055C09S
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Enduraplas 55 Gallon DEF Fuel Boss™ | REU055C09S

PRICE: $1,499.00
85.00 LBS
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Product Description

 Enduraplas 55 Gallon DEF Fuel Boss™ | REU055C09S

These DEF tanks come standard with high quality stainless steel pumps and auto shut off handles

  • 31”L x 27”W x 29”H
  • Fully enclosed lockable pump compartment for security and protection
  • All poly and stainless steel construction for DEF compatibility
  • Molded in handles for easy lifting
  • Long reach hose with auto shutoff nozzle
  • Lightweight Robust design


Product Videos

Poly DEF Transfer Tank - All Stainless Steel Fittings 01:14

The Enduraplas poly DEF transfer unit is a simple, hassle free solution to your DEF needs. It is one complete unit and comes with stainless steel fittings You can stop worrying about DEF. With the Enduraplas unit you will have no more stress. Just open the lid and you can hook it all up, to the battery right in the front of your truck. This compact unit will provide you with ease, now your DEF refueling is simply a breeze. It's got an auto-shutoff nozzle and a 12 volt pump, with the stainless steel parts there's no corrosion. You're gonna love this unit yeah, just like we did. All components are protected 'cuz they're under the lid. You can be happy and free, just like this guy is. And before i forget it comes in six different sizes. We spent a lot of time looking for a tank to use on the farm as a transfer tank, and uh...boy when we saw these, we knew we had struck gold. The auto-shutoff nozzle, the spill proof breather, the easy-lift handles, and 20 feet of flexible delivery hose to reach you where ever you need to go. Find out more about the product at Check us out on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: @Enduraplas

  • Poly DEF Trans...
    The Enduraplas poly DEF transfer unit is a simple, hassle free...