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Fall Seed


Barndoor AG has you covered with the best fall seed blends available. Our seed blends are specifically designed to provide optimum nutrition and attract deer all season long. Not sure which fall seeds are the right choice for you and your plot? Our different blends offer different benefits, depending on your specific needs.

Our RWWP Whitetail Forage Oats are winter hardy oats that need to be planted in the fall that provide whitetails with delicious and nutritious foraging oats. RWWP Deadly Dozen streamlines the process of planting Harvest Salad and Plant Topper to keep deer flocking to your plot throughout the hunting season and well into the following spring. You can also buy our Harvest Salad and Plant Topper fall seed blends separately, depending on your preference!

At Barndoor AG, we offer a variety of fall food plot seed blends that will help keep your deer herd coming back for more all season long! Plan ahead for your fall seed mix and while you're planning out your plot, take a look at our spring seeds and nutrition blends!