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Fill-Rite Hydrosorb Filter F1810HM0 w. ¾" Head Kit | 1210KTF7019

6.00 LBS
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Fill-Rite Hydrosorb Filter F1810HM0 w. ¾" Head Kit | 1210KTF7019

Fill-Rite®, proudly manufactured by Tuthill, offers the most rugged and reliable brand of high-value pumps, meters, and accessories for your fluid dispensing needs. When you choose a red Fill-Rite fuel pump, you know it will work for years to come. Install it, forget it, and focus on what makes you the most profit.

Fill-Rite's fuel transfer filters are available in a wide range of options. Water detecting filters absorb water, remove particulates, and help prevent buildup of microbials that foster mild growth and fuel discoloration. Hydrosorb® Filters are the best filtering solution for water capturing particulates and causing flow restriction when excess water is detected.


  • Protects Equipment — protect your heavy equipment from contaminates that cause substantial damage and shorten life, such as dirt, rust, microbial growth, and water
  • Highest Risk — water contamination is the highest risk to your fuel source, finding its way in during delivery, from rain, humidity, condensation, leaks and numerous other methods
  • Replacement Interval — Fill-Rite recommends changing filters every six months to maintain the highest degrees of protection and performance
  • Water Detecting Filters — the best filtering solution for your application, water detecting filters capture particulates and detect excess water by causing flow restriction and indicating your attention is required
  • Particulate Filters — second only to water detecting filters in protection, particulate filters remove dirt, rust, and microbial growth contaminates from your fuel supply before they make their way into your equipment

You work through all kinds of conditions, so why shouldn’t your fuel transfer pump? For over 60 years, Fill-Rite has set the standard for reliable fuel transfer pumps, meters, and accessories.


  • Hydrosorb Filter Kit
  • Max Flowrate: 25 GPM / 94 LPM
  • Inlet / Outlet Thread Size (in.): 0.75 " / 0.75 "
  • Inlet / Outlet Connection Type: NPT
  • Mount: In-line
  • For Use With: FR1204, FR1204G, FR1210GA, FR2410G, FR2411GL, SD1202G
  • Gallons per Minute: 18 gal/min
  • PSI: 50.0
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline, Diesel, Ethanol (blends up to 15%), Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel
  • Housing Material: Steel
  • Assembled Product Weight (lbs.): 5.5
  • Gross Weight (lbs.): 5.500 lbs


  • Filter: 10 Micron Particulate Filter and Filter Head
  • ¾" Street Elbow
  • F1810HM0 Hydrosorb Filter
  • 1200KTG9075 Filter Head Kit
  • ¾" street elbow
  • ¾" X 7-¼" pipe nipple
  • ¾" X 2-½" pipe nipple

 All Threads are NPT.

Pump NOT Included



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