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FireDisc® Ultimate Cooking Weapon | TCGSV

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Product Description

FireDisc® Ultimate Cooking Weapon

Made specifically for use on a FireDisc® cooker, the Ultimate Cooking Weapon™ is an over-sized, over-engineered spatula featuring a dished blade that’s contoured to work beautifully in your FireDisc® cooker and make it easy to catch fish fillets or flip venison steaks. The “Cooking Weapon” features all stainless-steel construction with a high-heat, rubber-molded grip and an extra-long handle. Don’t forget the hanger hook for keeping your “Weapon” handy.

  • Heavy gauge stainless steel.
  • Rubber molded high heat handle at the end of a stainless steel shaft.
  • Overall length is 20 inches.
  • Width of Spatula-Shovel-Scoop is 5 ½ inches.



Our FireDisc® cookers, parts and accessories are virtually impossible to break. If you already own one, then you understand why. If not, then you’ll see in the details above why FireDisc® cookers are so difficult to break, harm or destroy. However, if by chance in this unpredictable and wild world your FireDisc® cooker somehow breaks, we offer and stand behind a 5-year limited warranty.


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