Flexon Flextreme Garden Hose 5/8 x 50' | FLXT5850-O

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Flexon Flextreme Garden Hose  5/8 x 50'

Are you on the search for the best garden hose? Check out this amazing, flexible hose by Flexon.

  • This heavy-duty garden hose features maximum flexibility.
  • This garden hose is perfect for use in all weather conditions.
  • Enjoy the superior design of this garden hose, which allows for continuous water flow even if the hose is kinked or twisted.

If you need a garden hose that can handle any weather, this is the garden hose for you. Flexon’s design allows for use year round, without a loss in flexibility. Reaching up to 50 feet in length, you can use this to water your garden, wash your car, or give your pets a bath. With a unique construction that prevents kinking, you will always have a continuous flow of water as you move around your property.

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  • Includes one 50 foot hose with ⅝ inch diameter
  • Brand: Flexon