Fuel Handling Equipment

Fuel Gauge

Farms and ranches need fuel to operate and survive; it is an essential part of your farm equipment. Your tractors, trucks and other machinery run on diesel; gas also plays an important part in the day-to-day operation of your business, whether it’s powering up the old hedge trimmer or getting your kids to school in the morning. The convenience of having quick and easy access to fuel stores on your property is key to maintaining a proper farm & ranch schedule -- nothing wastes more time than to have to make an early morning run to the local gas depot in order to fill up the combine harvester!

Gas Station

 While it makes sense to have on-site access to diesel and gas, safety should be paramount. Any proper depot on your farm or ranch will be equipped with mechanisms like vapor caps, valves, and control pumps. Without these, you’re taking a risk with the safety of your crew, family, and livestock.

 With concerns like those above in mind, Barndoor Ag offers a huge selection of fuel handling equipment. We carry:

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