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Greenleaf 5' String Wing Wick Applicator ATV Weed Wiper | SW

17.00 LBS
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Greenleaf 5' String Wing Wick Applicator Weed Wiper | SW

The String Wing applicator from GreenLeaf is a gravity-driven chemical applicator that attaches to your tractor or ATV so you can apply non-selective chemicals above the crop. The 5-foot-long wick system’s double-wipe coverage lets you target specific weeds without harming your crop. The String Wing provides even application and reduces the potential of drift. Sections can be added for more flexibility.

Whether you’re a farmer with a small field in need of weed control or a backyard gardener looking to knock down intruders in your vegetable garden, GreenLeaf, Inc.’s rope wick applicators give you convenient, economical weed control. Use in place of a sprayer for efficient and even delivery with less waste.

  • 5′ long sections
  • 1 1/4″ fill opening
  • Double wipe coverage for even application
  • Wicks run from top to bottom to reduce wick dryness