GreenLeaf GatorLock Coupling (D) 3/4" Female Coupler x 3/4" Female NPT | GLP075D

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3/4" Female Coupler x 3/4" Female NPT

GreenLeaf GatorLock Coupling (D) 3/4" Female Coupler x 3/4" Female NPT | GLP075D 

D Series  

The cam lever coupling has been around for many years and used across multiple industries. After market research and study by the Green Leaf team an innovative solution was birthed to help enhance the product. The Gator Lock cam lever coupling was designed and patented by founder Michael Goda, along with his team of engineers. The Gator Lock was designed to provide enhanced safety with the exclusive cam lever locking mechanism. This mechanism helps reduce the possibility of unintentional opening of the cam levers during use, which could result in personal injury and costly spills. Green Leaf couplers are made to an industry standard and will interchange with all cam lever coupler brands and materials made to the universal specification. Green Leaf is an ISO 9001 certified company. The GatorLock couplers are manufactured at our Indiana facility to the highest quality standard in the industry. 

 GatorLock® Coupling features:  

  • Patent Locking Arms to reduce possibility of unintentional opening of cam levers during usegatorlocking-picture.jpg
  • Glass Filled Polypropylene
  • 1/2” thru 2” Maximum Operating Pressure 125 psi @ 70°F.
  • 3” and 4” Maximum Operating Pressure 75 psi @ 70°F.
  • EPDM Gaskets  

EPDM Gasket: An excellent choice for a wide range of chemicals at the most affordable direction.  

  • Advantages: Excellent resistance to heat; ozone and sunlight; very good flexibility at low temperatures; good resistance to alkalis, acids and oxygenated solvents; superior resistance to water and steam; excellent color stability.
  • Limitations: Poor resistance to oil; gasoline and hydrocarbon solvents; adhesion to fabrics and metal is poor.  


  • 1/2” series couplings interchange with 3/4” size couplings. Coupling ends are 3/4” size.
  • 1-1/4”series couplings interchange with 1” size couplings. Coupling ends are 1” size.  

WARNING:  Couplings should not be disconnected under pressure or with liquid in the line.