Hypro 3376 Series Cleanload Chemical Suction Lance Snaps | 3430-0823

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Hypro 3376 Series Cleanload Chemical Suction Lance Snaps  | 3430-0823

Suction Lance snaps into tank outlet for remote loading of bulk chemical containers

Cleanload Features:

  • The Cleanload is a Self-contained education system which allows the operator to mix liquid and dry chemicals safely and quickly
  • All crop protection chemistry is mixed at ground level, ensuring the safety of both the operator and the environment.
  • Equipped with tank rise, designed to completely wash the Cleanload hopper
  • ProClean bottle rinse allows operator to triple rinse chemical containers pm site 
  • Optional suction lance allows the operator to educt bulk liquid and dry chemicals (wettable powders,  dry flowable and water dispersible granules).From large containers without secondary handling