Insect Traps


Nobody likes the hassle of dealing with insect infestations on their property. Sometimes, it might feel like the efforts that you're making to dispose of them are having little to no effect on their population at all. Furthermore, if you aren’t careful, they have ample opportunity to reproduce and make it a far bigger problem to solve. At Barndoor AG we have all of the insect traps that you’ll need to ensure that those pesky insects are taken care of. From bug balls to sprays, our selection of quality products are good for any environment and any season. 

Get your insect trapping equipment from a company that knows what it takes to get the job done quickly and efficiently, no matter what kind of nuisance you might be facing on your property. Find exactly what you need when you shop the wide selection of available products that Barndoor AG has to offer and solve your problems today!