JC's Wildlife Butterfly DOTS | BFLY-1

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JC's Wildlife Butterfly DOTS | BFLY-1

Want to attract butterflies with a beautiful feeder? Check out this adorable butterfly feeding station.

  • Enjoy an increased number of butterflies when you install this butterfly feeder.
  • This butterfly feeder is designed with poly lumber that will never fade, crack, or split.
  • This butterfly feeding station is bright yellow, which attracts butterflies in the area.

What could be more peaceful than enjoying the beauty of butterflies in your garden or yard? This butterfly feeder will attract nearby butterflies to your property. It makes a great addition to any backyard or garden, with refillable Nectar DOTS. These allow butterflies an easy way to enjoy nectar and fruit pieces while you enjoy watching them flutter through your yard.

Not only will this butterfly feeding station attract these beautiful winged beings, it is also aesthetically pleasing, making it a welcome addition to your landscaping. Purchase this butterfly feeder today and start enjoying the peaceful beauty of butterflies by your home.


  • Copper hanger
  • Three DOTS and three wicks for nectar
  • Instructions