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The application of fertilizers and other liquids used in agriculture and industrial environments requires high-quality, dependable delivery systems. Accuracy is key, not only for controlling costs, but for both environmental and health and safety reasons as well. Investing in the best manifold flange systems makes application tasks easier and safer.

The Banjo Manifold Systems

Banjo Manifold Systems are expertly crafted to provide long-term use for both agricultural and industrial liquid applications. The Banjo Manifold Inductor System is an excellent tool for pulling wettable powders or liquid flows from the inductor tank for thorough chemical mixing.

Top-Quality Construction and Accuracy

The Banjo Manifold System offers 99% accuracy, and includes a display that provides both volume and batch total volume displays. These systems are constructed of stainless-steel components and glass-reinforced polypropylene, a material that provides increased strength and surface hardness against impacts, with the added benefit of withstanding higher continuous temperatures and long-term stress.

Benefits of Manifold Flange Connections

The leak-free design used in Banjo manifold products starts with a flanged connection system, assembled by mating the flanges together, sealing them with gaskets, and securing them with clamps. This construction allows for easy replacement or redesign, and there are no thread imperfections, and no pipe tape or sealant required, unlike the more complicated threaded systems available on the market. 

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