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Portable Generators


What Are Portable Generators?

Portable generators are transportable, heavy-duty power sources that can be used in the event of a power outage. They may also remain in constant use to power electrical devices outside of the home if extension cords don't reach or won't offer enough power — they are great for farms where, otherwise, the main sources of power on a large property may only be available in one or two buildings. Portable generators will help bring power around the farm, improving efficiency and comfort for workers as well as livestock and crops.

How Do Portable Generators Work?

Portable generators work by converting fuel into electricity by means of alternating current (AC). The most common portable generator fuel types are gasoline and diesel and they also come in varying degrees of power, depending on what or how much needs to be powered. Since portable generators are mobile, they have a battery that is used to power the ignition system and operate lights when away or unplugged from an electrical source itself. Portable generators often include built-in safety features such as being able to detect when oil levels are low or if the generator gets too hot.