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Pressure Gauges

Your pressure gauge tells you much more than just your operating pressure; it can warn you about problems with your regulator, pump, lines, or the general condition of your sprayer. That’s why it’s critical to have a high-quality pressure gauge on your sprayer equipment that provides sustained accuracy and easy readability amidst difficult conditions. Barndoor Ag carries a selection of pressure gauges for agriculture from Valley Industries that will help you keep your equipment running in top shape through storms and heat.

Pressure Gauge Selection

Our selection of pressure gauges includes both liquid-filled and agricultural NH3 gauges suitable to anhydrous applications. Liquid-filled gauges typically have longer life than their NH3 gauge counterparts, as the liquid absorbs shock and steadies the pointer, protecting the moving parts from vibrations. All our gauges use a standard Bourdon tube system and are made from corrosive-resistant materials. A good rule of thumb is to choose a gauge that has a range roughly twice the normal operating pressure for your application. For example, if normal psi for your sprayer is 50, your pressure gauge should have a range of 0-100psi. This gives plenty of room at the top to measure higher-than-normal pressures without damaging the gauge and makes reading the gauge easy, as normal pressures will have the indicator pointing straight up the middle.