Raven Industries Phoenix 600S GPS Receiver | 117-2000-001

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Raven Industries Phoenix 200 Smart Antenna  (up to 10 Hz) |  117-2000-001

Raven's new Phoenix series GPS receivers combine the Raven receiver design with GPS engine technology from leading companies in the industry making this line one of the most powerful and accurate receiver lines on the market. The Phoenix 200 combines Raven receiver technology with the latest Hemisphere GPS Crescent® OEM engine. The Phoenix 200 presents an economical high-performance sub-meter receiver capable of utilizing two differential correction solutions. With an optional upgrade to e-Dif extended differential technology the Phoenix 200 is capable of achieving GPS accuracies of a few feet without the need for a differential signal broadcast.

  • Sub-meter, single frequency WAAS enabled receiver. Specifically designed for use in areas where WAAS signals are weak, this is a great all-around receiver for many different types of applications and equipment.
  • Upgradeable to the new e-Dif® differential correction, e-Dif® is a technique that models the differential correction over a period of time and then applies it to the GPS data to maintain a consistent, relative position, e-Dif® is ideal for locations where the WAAS signal is very weak or non-existent.
  • Uses a helix-style smart antenna for more efficient tracking of satellites that are positioned low on the horizon. The receiver and antenna are housed in the same enclosure for easy installation and portability to other machines.
  • Ideal for use with the Raven SmarTrax or new QuickTrax steering systems, as well as with the Envizio Plus and RGL Lightbar guidance systems.


  • Sub-meter, single frequency WAAS only receiver
  • Upgradeable to e-Dif
  • Utilizes a helix-style antenna to better track satellites low on the horizon
  • Smart antenna - receiver and antenna in a single enclosure
  • Simple installation: Easily moved from one machine to another
  • Accuracy: I meter horizontal RMS