Raven Industries Tilt Kit with Cruizer Cable | 117-0171-180

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Raven Tilt Kit with Cruizer Cable | 117-0171-180

The tilt kit TM1 unit provides logic, sensor and communications equipment to seamlessly compensate GPS messages with tilt corrections. GPS receivers output position information of the attached antenna. Normally, antenna motion is associated with equipment movement. However, issues such as equipment vibration and ground pitch can result in erroneous position indication. Functions properly with any Raven Cruizer GPS. For any technical questions, contact Barndoor Ag support.

The kit is also designed to seamlessly modify reported GPS position to remove these artifacts and allow for greater precision guidance. This kit also measures machine tilt and vibration using a solid state accelerometer. Once the values of these errors are known, they can be removed from the incoming GPS position stream.