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Self Propelled Weed Wiper Kits

Sprayer kits attach to your boom with the provided metal mounting brackets. Easily adjust the height on the go and take off the sponges after you have wiped out your weeds. Our sprayer kits are extremely easy to install onto your equipment and we even provide the install video on our website. Designed for 1-2" booms (Call us for booms larger than 6" or specify your boom size in your order).

One of the major benefits of our sprayer kits is you can use anywhere from a 5 ft - 120 ft. kit. There aren't any other weed wipers in the industry that provide the user the opportunity to have less passes in the field. If you are nervous about using a 90 ft. weed wiper, start with something smaller and you can always expand your boom the next year! For larger booms, we highly recommend having auto-boom height adjustment.

*Please Note That There Are Self-Propelled Units That Will Not Work With Our Kits. Example: JD4940 Sprayers. Please Call Us If You Have Any Questions.