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Shield Ag Equipment 7" Winged CRP Point | CRP-2

15.80 LBS
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Shield Ag CRP-2 Drawing:
CRP-2 Drawing

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Shield Ag Equipment 7" Winged CRP Point | CRP-2

Does your Conservation Tillage Yield Improvement Program include Subsoiling or Disc/Ripping to relieve compaction zones and improve soil tilth?

Our CRP Points are designed to:

  • Relieve soil compaction zones for YIELD IMPROVEMENT
  • Improve SOIL TILTH to increase nutrient availability and root uptake
  • Produce a subsoil profile that assures improved root penetration
  • Assure moisture retention in the driest conditions
  • Provide fracture and lift with little surface disruption or "slabbing"
  • Allow flexibility in running depth
  • Scour up, pull easy and flow soil around the shank to reduce wear 
  • Provide long wear life in the widest variety of soil conditions
  • 7 inch Winged
  • Shank Width: 1-1/4 inch
  • Weight: 15.8
  • OEM Machine Fit: DMI, CaseIH 870 9300 530 730, Krause Dominator

Our unique design allows us to use solid 25% chrome carbide in all of the wear surfaces with mounting boots are designed to fit most makes and models of disc rippers and subsoilers.