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Transfer Pumps


When you need to transfer liquid from one location to another, often a transfer pump, or utility pump, is necessary. This is often necessary in industrial or agricultural settings where leaks, flooding, or other water issues can cause major headaches. That’s why Barndoor Ag carries only the highest-performance transfer pumps on the market from REMCO.

Barndoor Ag carries REMCO transfer pumps to fit any need. Every one of our transfer pump products is portable, so you can get it to the necessary site easily. Our REMCO 12V water transfer pumps come in various price points to match any budget. They also work at different flow capacities ranging from  2.5 GPM to 5.3 GPM. These REMCO water transfer pumps can also be easily hooked up to a 12 Volt battery in cases where a stationary plug is not easily accessible and a generator is not available.

Whenever you need water or a large amount of liquid moved, a water transfer pump is an indispensable tool. One water transfer pump can turn an hours-long effort into as little as a few minutes. Browse our REMCO water transfer pumps today to find the perfect solution for your liquid transferring needs.