Slow-Release Essential Oil Insert Refills 6-Pack | NB0106

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Not In My Backyard Slow-Release Essential Oil Insert Refills 6-Pack

  • FOR USE with Not In My Backyard Wristbands, Clips, and Tabletop Diffusers
  • SAFE and EFFECTIVE for Kids and Adults - Lasts 15 Days
  • NO Harsh Chemicals or Sticky Sprays

This pack of six slow-release insert refills will power up your wristbands, clips, and tabletop diffusers with up to 15 more days of fresh essential oil repellent. These all-natural disks contain geraniol, lavender oil, peppermint oil, and citronella which are more effective than citronella alone in warding off mosquitoes and other flying insects. Simply insert a new refill into your NIMBY holder and you’re ready for an extra-long journey in the great outdoors!

Not In My Backyard™ is a line of all-natural products that help ensure a pleasant and safe outdoor experience for the entire family. The NIMBY line includes wristbands, clips, zappers, candles, and diffusers. Many NIMBY products use proprietary bug-repelling inserts that are made up of 100% essential oils, including geraniol, eucalyptus, and lemongrass. Not In My Backyard is safe and effective for kids and adults. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and sticky sprays, and get back to enjoying the great outdoors!

Materials: 30% Lavender Oil, 25% Geraniol Oil, 25% Peppermint Oil, 20% Citronella Oil
Dimensions: 0.98 in W x 0.98 in D x 0.35 in H