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Spring Seed


To ensure a bountiful harvest, it’s important to plant the right blend of seeds at the right time. Barndoor AG has just what you need for your garden this spring with our special blend of seeds tailored for the season.

Our spring seed mix contains a variety of flower and vegetable seeds that will thrive in your garden during the early spring months. Looking to attract more wildlife to your plot, like quail, turkeys, rabbits, or songbirds? Try our RWWP Upland Game Blend. Or are you looking for a companion crop that will attract deer and works for fire breaks, access lanes, or slightly shaded small plots? Then our RWWP Clover Chicory Seed might be right for you! Or have you been searching for the right corn variety to attract hungry deer? We have a blend for that — give our RWWP Nutri-Crave Corn a try!

Our spring seed mix is available now, so don’t wait. Ready to plan ahead for a bountiful harvest this spring? Don't wait any longer! Order your favorite spring seed blend from Barndoor AG today and take a look at the other blends and agricultural supplies we have available!