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Tee Jet Matrix 908 GPS Guidance System W/ RXA-52 Antenna & US Lighter Connection | 90-10006-ENUS

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TeeJet Matrix 908 Manual:
90-10006-ENUS Manual
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90-10006-ENUS Brochure

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Tee Jet Matrix 908 GPS Guidance System W/ RXA-52 Antenna & US Lighter Connection  |  90-10006-ENUS

Matrix 908 is built for expandability, rugged performance, and easy operation in many agricultural and turf applications. As the latest in the Matrix family, the Matrix 908 offers a bright, clear display, intuitive menu structure and long-lasting construction. Choose a field navigation model for GNSS guidance and coverage mapping, including automatic boom section control. Or opt for an ISOBUS-ready model that performs guidance functions plus an ISOBUS UT for sprayer or spreader control. The high-performance, built-in GNSS receiver offers accuracy upgrade options with no change in hardware, making the Matrix 908 a great fit for a wide range of current or future applications.

• Integrated GNSS receiver offers upgradable accuracy with no changes in console or antenna hardware.
• Base version offers guidance, mapping, and automatic section control; an ISOBUS UT and task control available via convenient feature unlock.
• TwinView allows the operator to view guidance and UT screen side-by-side.
• The 8" high-resolution display can be viewed in bright daylight or set to night mode for low-light conditions.
• Rugged metal enclosure makes the Matrix 908 durable and long lasting.

Description: Kit, M908 NAV-L1-GLO-ENUS

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