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Valley Industries 2.5" Liquid Filled Gauge, Dual Scale, 30PSI | 2140GXB30

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Valley Industries 2.5" Liquid Filled Gauge, Dual Scale, 30PSI | 2140GXB30

These gauges are designed for use with any medium not corrosive to brass or bronze. Liquid filling adds to the life of a pressure gauge. When the case is filled with a dampening fluid, the internal components are protected from outside contaminants, providing continuous lubrication for the tube and movement reducing the shock waves caused by vibration or pressure fluctuations and virtually eliminating pointer flutter. It should not be used in conjunction with oxygen service or other explosive agents.

When choosing a pressure range you should choose one that is twice the normal system pressure. Example: if system runs at 50 PSI you should choose a 100 PSI gauge. This will make the gauge safer, last longer, and be more accurate.


  • Dial Size: 2.5"
  • PSI: 0-30
  • Case Style: Bottom
  • Movement: Brass
  • Bourdon Tube: C-Shaped in copper alloy up to 600 PSI and Helical in phosphor bronze above 600 PSI.
  • Pointer: Black enameled aluminum 
  • Dial: White aluminum
  • Window: Polycarbonate – temperature compensating
  • Case Material: 304 Stainless steel
  • Bezel: Chrome plated
  • Connection Material: Brass
  • Connection Size: 1/8″ MNPT 
  • Accuracy: ASME/ANSI B40.1 Grade A (2-1-2%)
  • Fill Material: Glycerin
  • Wetted Parts: Copper Alloy
  • Bar: 0-2
  • Standard Gauge Scale: Dual scale industrial gauge
  • Outer Scale: PSI
  • Inner Scale: Metric kPa & bar 
  • Graduation Major: 5
  • Graduation Minor: .5

WARNING: Misuse of this product may cause explosion and personal injury. Liquid filled gauges should not be used in applications involving oxygen, chlorine, nitric acid, hydrogen peroxide, and other strong oxidizing agents, because of the danger of spontaneous chemical reaction, ignition, or explosion.