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Valley Industries 4" Dry Gauge, Dual Scale 100PSI | 4120DSB100

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 Valley Industries 4" Dry Gauge, Dual Scale 100PSI | 4120DSB100

These gauges are designed for use with gas, oil, and water or any medium not corrosive to brass or bronze. 

When choosing a pressure range you should choose one that is twice the normal system pressure. Example: if system runs at 50 PSI you should choose a 100 PSI gauge. This will make the gauge safer, last longer, and be more accurate.


  • Dial Size: 4"
  • PSI: 0-100
  • Case Style: Bottom
  • Movement: Brass
  • Bourdon Tube: C-Shaped in copper alloy up to 600 PSI and Helical in phosphor bronze above 600 PSI.
  • Pointer: Black enameled aluminum 
  • Dial: White aluminum
  • Window: Acrylic
  • Case Material: Steel, black painted
  • Bezel: Chrome plated
  • Connection Material: Brass
  • Connection Size: 1/4″ MNPT 
  • Accuracy: ASME/ANSI B40.1 Grade B (3-2-3%)
  • Fill Material: Dry
  • Wetted Parts: Copper Alloy
  • Bar: 0-7
  • Standard Gauge Scale: Dual
  • Outer Scale: PSI
  • Inner Scale: Metric kPa & bar 
  • Graduation Major: 20
  • Graduation Minor: 2

WARNING: Misuse of this product may cause explosion and personal injury.