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At Barndoor Ag, we care about more than just farm equipment and agriculture supplies. A big part of farming, and an even bigger part of agriculture, is the wildlife. In order to support a thriving and well-maintained landscape, you must also take care of the animals that live there.

Squirrels have a bad reputation, usually being considered as backyard pests and bird grain thefts. Our squirrel stopper pole kit can help eliminate the presence of unwanted squirrel visitors from getting into the birdseed, keeping your bird grain safe and rodents at bay. If you do prefer giving the bushy-tailed animals some food and even a place to stay, however, our Ultimate Squirrel House is a vacation home for squirrels and the Nunn-Better Squirrel Blend with corn, raw peanuts, black soil sunflower seeds, and striped sunflower seeds is their premium food formula.  

For our selection of squirrel-specific products, visit our site or speak with an employee. We are more than happy to help.