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Your Guide to Banjo Liquid Valves and Fittings

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Your Guide to Banjo Liquid Valves and Fittings

Fluid management is one of the tasks of modern agriculture. Fertilizer, animal waste, pesticides and more require sophisticated control.

Technology allows for precision spraying. We now apply only the necessary amount of chemicals to specific areas. Applications are exact, with an accuracy of less than an inch. The minimum amount reduces the potential for runoff, drift or waste.

The right Banjo valves and fittings make a difference in your pipes. Unlike threaded valves, Banjo liquid valves are reliable and quick to change. Every spilled drop is costly.

Read on to learn more about the right Banjo liquid valves and fittings for your farm.

Where To Use Banjo Liquid Valves and Fittings

The U.N. estimates the world loses 20 - 40%of crops to plant pests and diseases. Responsible fertilizer, pesticide, and herbicide use in the U.S. increases crop yields. Handling these sensitive materials requires equipment you can trust.

Do you control pests and apply fertilizers with liquid products? Protect your crop yields with safe, simple-to-use equipment.Banjo valves are strong, corrosion resistant and lightweight. A full line of valves and fittings for all needs are available.

Routine use of specialized nozzles to control individual droplet size reduces spray drift and waste. Adjustable spray booms are commonly used to adjust the height of applications to minimize overspray. Advanced electronic controls allow automatic crop tending. There is a superior Banjo product for each application.

Banjo is the leader in quick change manifold systems for sprayers and other equipment. Use Banjo valves and fittings in your nurse tanks, IBC tanks, pumps, sprayers, and storage tanks.

Banjo Product Lines

With almost 40 years of experience, Banjo has made a name for itself with innovation and reliability. Banjo manufactures these products in the USA, from glass-reinforced polypropylene.

They use a proprietary Dry-Mate disconnect to prevent spillage and waste. For electric valves, the Banjo product line is tailored to original manufacturer specs. This collaboration results in improvements to efficiency and ease-of-use on the farm.

Valve Product Highlights

Dry Mate ports come in various sizes. They use fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene for strength without excess weight. When installed and used as directed, the assembly will not separate until removed. This is important while fluid is flowing.

The valves are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and reduce chemical exposure. Spillage for a 2" pipe fitting is 3ml or less. The patented double ball design uses a simple cam lever.

Precision manufacturing assures the same quality for bolted valves. Fiberglass-reinforced, molded polypropylene provides strength. FKM seals and a self-aligning ball are part of the package.

The diamond-turned ball moves freely against the PTFE seats for precise operation. The valve opens and closes with very little pressure on the handle. The stem bushings and seats are self- lubricating and cannot stick or bind.

Bolted valves come in various sizes including four or six bolts. Durable stainless steel bolts are standard. Stubby or 3-way valves are also included in the product line.

Electric Valve Highlights

Electric valves are a matter of convenience for most uses, but can also be vital for safety. Banjo electric valves have speedy responses and most models are available as 12 or 24- volt.

Banjo electric valves feature a corrosion-resistant stainless-steel ball and stem. They also have reinforced polypropylene construction, PTFE seats and tough EPDM O-rings.

Electrical valves are internally fused with an automatic reset to get you back to work after an interruption. An on/off indicator lets you know at a glance the status of your pipeflow.

Banjo Manifold Connections

No Threads, No Sweat is the marketing slogan. But is it true? Threadless connections are available for almost everything. This allows you to isolate and replace sections without tedious unhooking and reconnection. There is no tape or sealant needed either.

Banjo fittings use a clamp and require no extra materials or labor. Line strainers, flow meters, and pumps can all be quickly isolated for repair. No more worrying about cross-threads, sealant cures or plumbing tape when you reconnect.

Electric manifold flange connections combine speed and safety you expect. They have fast response times and are available in polypropylene and stainless steel versions.

A wide range of manifold fittings made of tough polypropylene are in-stock and available. For Dry-Mate Dry Disconnects, the latest spillage information for 3" = 15 ml. This is minimal waste.

Dry Mates are reliable under harsh farm conditions. Some are rated for temperatures up to 300F.

Banjo Centrifugal Pumps

When gravity needs assistance, you use a pump. The same reliability applied to Bango fittings and valves is engineered into every pump. Lightweight, corrosion- resistant pumps with easy-to-service motors are part of the Banjo product line.

These gas-powered pumps feature EPDM seats standard, with FKM available. For uses that may allow a pump to run dry, there are Banjo wet seal pumps. These pumps feature strong seals and specialized drive unit protection.

Electric poly pumps feature additional drive unit protection with an added 1" spacer. FKM elastomers and non-metallic mechanical seals are chemical-resistant. Internal fasteners are all durable PTFE coated stainless steel.

Hydraulic motor pumps are precision molded construction, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant. The hydraulic fluid capacity is minimum 6 gallons to maximum 10 gallons. They are for open or closed systems.

Finding the Right Banjo Liquid Valves and Fittings

Without proper crop protection and nutrition, yields suffer. Modern farms depend on their sprayer equipment to ensure crop health. Farmers depend on sturdy and long-lasting technology to ensure profitability. Banjo liquid valves provide strong, lightweight and reliable control for all farm fluids.

BarnDoor Ag is fully invested in each farmer that we work with. We're happy to answer questions or help you with selecting the right product for your needs. We carry a full line of Banjo valves and fittings, all made in the USA. For any assistance with your agriculture equipment or for questions about the right parts, contact us today.

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