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Tax Exempt Customers

Streamlined Sales Tax Agreement Certificate of Exemption

This is a multi-state form. Not all states allow all exemptions listed on this form. Purchasers are responsible for knowing if they qualify to claim exemption from tax in the state that would otherwise be due tax on this sale. The seller may be required to provide this exemption certificate (or the data elements required on the form) to a state that would otherwise be due tax on this sale.

The purchaser will be held liable for any tax and interest, and possible civil and criminal penalties imposed by the member state, if the purchaser is not eligible to claim this exemption. A seller may not accept a certificate of exemption for an entity-based exemption on a sale made at a location operated by the seller within the designated state if the state does not allow such an entity-based exemption.

1. Create a Barndoor Ag store account: Store Account

2. Download Tax Form The form can be electronically edited but we will need a signature on file.                                                                (Download and email copy once signed to 

3. Tax exempt status is valid for three years and will be attached to the customer account for future purchases. 

Once we receive your submission, we will review your information. Upon confirming that all information is accurate, your account will be marked as exempt from tax in the area(s) you are filed in and will no longer be charged tax at checkout for the relevant state(s). We cannot issue sales tax refunds on purchases prior to exemption approval.  If we have any discrepancies with your tax information, we will contact you via email.