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Barndoor Ag offers a large selection of fluid flow components, including both Banjo and GreenLeaf pipe fitting valves, and Banjo polypropylene fittings. Our inventory includes hose, pipes, and nozzle fittings, in addition to an assortment of fluid control solutions for agricultural, industrial, and home and garden use, available in sizes from ⅛ inch to 3-inch diameters.

Nylon Fittings

A popular choice for agricultural, plumbing, and industrial fluid flow applications, nylon fittings are known for their durability as well as high performance in both cold- and hot-water applications. The nylon construction makes this type of fitting resistant to solvents, oils, and gasoline, and can be used in high-impact, high-temperature applications. Check out our selection of nylon fittings from GreenLeaf, an ISO-certified manufacturer.

Polypropylene Fittings

Polypropylene is recommended for a variety of agricultural and industrial uses not only because of its resistance to chemicals, but also for its strength and durability. Our Banjo valves and fittings products offer special features such as NPT threads and 150 PSI capabilities. Whether you’re looking for a hose, pipe, nozzle, or garden hose fitting, products constructed using glass-reinforced polypropylene are the top choice for a long-lasting, dependable service life.