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  • Berckes Economy Grain Test Weight Scale | TWS

Berckes MFG Economy Grain Test Weight Scale | TWS | 08170

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Economy Grain Test Weight Scale | TWS

This grain test weight scale that is a portable and very accurate scale for testing grain weights on the farm, in the field, combine, or storage bin. Reasons for knowing test weight of grain include Determining Yield, Price Discounts, Storage Capacities, Feed Quality, and Milling Quality. Determines weights of corn, oats, flax, barley, beans, wheat, sorghum, or sunflower seeds. Easy to read with level bubble for accurate balance. Used by farm service agencies, crop insurance adjusters, seed companies, and grain producers worldwide. Designed to read standard, lbs. per bu., and metric kg per Hl.

Printed instructions on backside of test weight scale cup. Made of tough, durable, ABS cycolac. U.S.D.A. approved.